Alpine Way drive from Corryong to Thredbo

September 10, 2017

Decided to go for a drive along the Alpine Way today with a few unscheduled stops.

It really goes to show how diverse and beautiful the high country really is over a short 1.5hr scenic drive. 

1st stop was Mt Elliot for a spectacular view of Corryong and surrounds.  Poke your head around the corner and you can see Mount Townsend covered in snow.



Second stop was along Tom Groggin Station (only to where the private property signs were) and Tom Groggin rest area, beautiful streams, lots of wildlife (thousands of Kangaroo's and Wallabies!)


From there we made our way towards Thredbo.  Plenty of snow on the sides of the road, obviously snow plough had been through... Going through the windy twisty roads and then I came upon Siberia!  Awesome snow there and just had to pull over for a play!