Terms and Conditions you sign and agree to if you make a booking at Mountain View Motel.

Guest Terms and Conditions for Occupancy:

By accepting to stay at Mountain View Motel you agree to the following

1. That your supplied credit card will be charged as per our payment policy, cancellation policy and terms and conditions. 

2. You agree that check in time is 2pm and checkout time is 10:00am on the date shown for your booking confirmation.  Failure to check out by 10:00am will incur extra charges. Early check in and late check outs are unable to be accommodated during the Covid-19 pandemic due to deep cleaning / sanitising of the rooms between stays.

3. You agree that the management and staff of Mountain View Motel have right of entry to your room at any time in order to ensure the amenity of the property, safety of guests or if we have reason to believe that any of these terms and conditions are not being adhered to.

4. You agree to advise us of any changes to your booking at least 48hrs prior to arriving.  This includes, guest names, dates, room type, number of persons and agree that any changes may incur additions charges.  Your booking is not transferable into someone else’s name.  If the person whose name is on the registration form does not stay, your booking will be cancelled and room resold with no refund.  If the number of persons using the room changes, you agree to pay the additional charges for additional persons not included in the number stated at the time of booking.  Our maximum occupancy of the room is our MAXIMUM and if no other room is available that can accommodate you then we will have to cancel your booking with no refund.

5. You agree to pay us for any excess cleaning, loss or damage to the room or equipment in the room during period of use including that resulting from, but not limited to, excessive cleaning requirements, smoking, missing equipment and physical damage.  Excess fees for smoking, cooking or if pets have been in the room is determined on the cleaning requirements needed and how long the room is not able to be occupied for.

6. If a room is unable to be let due to any loss or damage caused by you or your guest(s), then you agree to be charged the FULL usual letting amount for that room for the entire duration the room is out of service.

7. You agree to return the key for the room at the time of your departure in the same condition it was given to you and agree to pay a charge for the replacement key, custom key tag.  Due to security reasons, the lock tumbler/cylinder on the door also must be replaced.  This fee is $75 per key not returned.

8. You agree any monies or other valuables, goods or vehicles that belong to you, brought in or on to the rooms, grounds or car park remain your responsibility and we are not responsible for their safekeeping.

9. You agree that in any case where you or any guest or family member brought onto the property by yourself causes unreasonable annoyance to another guest residing at the property and/or unreasonable disruption to the privacy of another guest residing at the property, we have the right to evict you and any member of your associated party with no refund for any monies paid.  If police are called, you will be responsible for all costs associated and blacklisted.  You agree that after 9pm no non paying guests are allowed on the property and that noise is kept to an absolute minimum in the interests of our other guests.  Guests cars are not allowed on site and are to park out on Towong Rd

10. You agree that you will not make any claim against us for any damage or loss to your goods or valuables, regardless of how or where the loss or damage occurred.

11. You agree that you will not make any claim against us for any loss of business, trade, revenue or income, regardless of how, when or where the loss has occurred.

12. If you are on our blacklist, been reported by another motel or local authorities as a guest behaving badly- we reserve the right to cancel your booking

13.. We may ask you to provide a list of names of the guests staying if booking as part of a group - noncompliance will result in booking being cancelled.

Payment Policy

Valid credit card to be supplied at time of booking.  If supplied card can’t be charged or declines – you will have 24hrs to update payment details or your booking is cancelled.

1 to 3 rooms - 1st nights rate for all rooms will be charged 7 days prior with the balance (if any) due at checkin

4+ rooms, Groups, MFSRBF – 1st nights rate for all rooms will be charged 4 weeks prior with the balance (if any) due at checkin.   Large group bookings that pre book any meal components are to pay for this in full 4 weeks prior and this component in nonrefundable due to having ordered the supplies.

Late arrivals –  If arriving after reception closes, then the full balance owing will be charged.  If you haven’t arrived by the time reception closes and you haven’t advised us – you will be treated as a no show.

No shows – 100% of booking total will be charged.

All rates quoted are NETT rates.  If you charge commission it must be added on from your end.

For companies only that have organized for direct deposit our details are ...  ACC Name - MJZS TRADING PTY LTD.  BSB 063670 ACC# 1006 5706  use invoice number as description

Cancellation Policy

We strongly urge guests to consider taking out travel insurance in the event your plans change.

1-3 rooms - Should you cancel or modify your room(s)with more than 7 days notice from day of check in, there will be no charge. Should you cancel or modify your room(s) with less than 7 days notice from day of check in,  there will be 1 nights charge (per room). From the day of check in you are unable to cancel or modify the booking and becomes nonrefundable for 100% of the booking amount


4+ rooms, Groups, MFSRBF- Should you cancel or modify your rooms with more than 4 weeks’ notice from day of check in, there will be no charge. Should you cancel or modify your rooms with less than 4 weeks’ notice there will be 1 nights charge for all rooms.  From the day of check in you are unable to cancel or modify the booking and becomes non refundable for 100% of the booking amount. 

For groups where multiple rooms have been booked in one person’s name, said person will be responsible for all payments / fee’s / damages or violations of T&C’s – We strongly recommend groups book their rooms individually, so they don't fall into the 4week cancellation period.

74-76 Towong Road, Corryong, Victoria 3707


t: (02) 60761766
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