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Mountain View Motel Award

Booking.com has awarded Mountain View Motel with a guest review award, our 3rd year in a row. What's that you ask? It's an award to those that consistently receives great reviews from booking.com guests. When we first started on booking.com our review score was 8.5, the second year was 8.9 and now our 3rd year is 9.0. Not often do you see the scores go up, infact most places go down as time goes on. One thing we've learnt is that you can't make everybody happy, and yes we do have some bad reviews in there and we do address any issue that is brought to our attention ensuring that the next guest doesn't have that same issue. One thing i was told a while back is that all bad reviews are o

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74-76 Towong Road, Corryong, Victoria 3707


t: (02) 60761766
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