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Just had to share this review

We do a lot of things here at Mountain View Motel that guests just don't expect. One thing was last week the power went out for approx 6hrs, right on dinner time! First thing we did was go around to everyone and give them an update on what ausnet were saying about the outage. Second thing we asked was "Have you had dinner" Most hadn' we did the ring around to the local dinner places with no answer (Due to the outage! duh!!) And then we started offering bacon and egg sandwiches and they were a hit.

One guest (not the one who left us this review) made comment that they travel to many motels being a rep and that no other motel has ever offered anything even close to that during an outage, they just close up and lock themselves in the office... He said he couldn't believe how good we were and that made us feel fantastic... cause our thinking was "You just gotta do what you gotta do!"

This guest that left this review incidentally had gotten dinner before the blackout and didn't have a bacon egg sandwich.

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