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Introducing our new Free to use BBQ! Beautiful 4 burner electric ignition 2 x grill and 1 x hotplate WITH A SIDE BURNER!

So now you can boil up some vege's or do a stirfry. Pots and pans and cooking and cleaning utensils in the cupboard below..

So head on over to Mal & Big O's Meat Barn located 35 Hansen St , then shoot over to the green grocer to get your salad and veg, stop over in the IGA for sauces and some cold drinks (you can get your cold drinks in reception too!) And last but not least Upper Murray Community Bakery for some burger rolls!! Then relax by the pool and enjoy the sunset!

Get extra rolls so you can cook some bacon and egg rolls in the morning!

(I feel like i should name the BBQ, whats a good name for it??)

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