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Full dining room!

Well with the beautiful weather we've had the last few days we've been busy, busy, busy! Last night we had a full dining room with freshly cooked meals with everyone leaving extremely full and satisfied. Then up early for a big all you can eat buffet breakfasts.

The pool towels are out and already being used! We had a heap of bikes in on their way to and from Phillip island GP and quite a few of the guys jumped straight in... and admittedly straight out! But a couple of weeks from now it will be a nice 20deg in the pool and they won't want to get out.

Don't forget, we CAN do packages for groups of 10 or more. We can do Rooms and meal deals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, or just breakfast, YOUR CHOICE)

We also do room service with all meals delivered to your room, just order in Reception, say your time and it'll be there!

We have a good selection of Beer, wine and spirits available for purchase in reception at great prices.

Don't want to eat in, no problem, come in and see us for some great recommendations for places to eat!

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