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Book direct as not all rooms go on

Just a quick reminder... We do NOT make all our rooms available to OTA's (Online Travel Agencies)

What are OTA's?.. Basically an OTA is when you book your accommodation anywhere that is NOT directly with us via phone on 0260761766 or at our website

We regularly take availability away from OTA's if we know we will sell the rooms directly or if we only have a few rooms left we will take them offline.

The reason we do this is because OTA's take a fair chunk of commission, 15%. That 15% doesn't stay in Australia, it goes to Netherlands if you book via or to the USA if you book through expedia.

Expedia and Priceline are massive companies and chances are own the site you use to book your accommodation through.

Priceline=,,, trivago and many, many more

Expedia =,, and many, many more.

So when you book via these websites and it says we are sold out - Double check too see if we are truly sold out. and expedia strictly adhere to policy so chances are if you want to change/ modify bookings they will sting you for it.. It is legally not our booking if not booked directly through us, so we are legally not allowed to alter that booking, you would need to contact who ever you booked through in order to change / cancel it. Booking directly with us you deal only with us - no middle man and a hell of alot more sympathetic than the big companies.

Why are our prices the same as / expedia? Bottomline - We are contracted too.. There is a parity clause in all the OTA's contracts which say we have to offer them our best rate, if not, they punish us with rankings, taking us offline or breach us. That's why you always see on their sites that they price match... They don't - the accommodation provider does! If you find it cheaper than an OTA and pricematch it, they take it off the accommodation provider... So you won't see a cheaper price than what we offer directly.

With increase in bookings via the commissions websites it's a no brainer that everyones accommodation costs go up.. When they up the commission percentage (and they do, 3 yrs ago it use to be 10%) that unfortunately gets passed on eventually and because of the parity clause it goes up for EVERYONE.

So book directly with the knowledge that 100% of your money goes and stays in Corryong and Australia.

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